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The princess black
by Shannon Hale Books

The princess in black is one of my favorite heroes - girl power

The Babysitters Club Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls Chapter 4
by Ann M Martin

I liked when Claudia was daydreaming about Trevor Sandbourne. I also liked when all of the boys were eating a lot of food and making sculptures out of food. It was very funny!

The complete guide to Stephen king
by Stephen king

I loved the complete guide to Stephen king! I love his movies so that’s why I got it I read it 6 times it’s pretty long to!

by Deborah Hopkinson can

Titanic was a great book I would definitely read it again I saw the book I rushed through it and grabbed it even though the book was sad I loved it at the same time I got my full attention I would definitely read it again!

The Last Train
by Rona Arato

The last train was very good! I read this book for hours! I love scary and cool history, so this book was very good to me, but it was very sad, but. Caught my attention.

No Better friend
by Robert Weintraub

I loved No better friend! This book got my interest because I love dogs, the story was kinda sad, but I would read the book again for sure!

Tuck everlasting
by Natalie Babbit

The book Tuck Everlasting was a good book, it didn’t have my full attention, but had some. I would surely love to read this book again!

by Mary Man-Kong

I liked when the trolls threw a big celebration with the Bergens and they taught them how to sing and dance and hug. It was so funny and cool!

Frozen II forever friends
by Disney

I liked when Elsa saw the water Nokk in the deep, dark sea. I also liked when Olaf was tying to read as many books as he can. It was so funny!

The Babysitters Club Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls Chapter 3
by Ann M Martin

I liked when the girls were practicing the code words in case a burglar comes when they babysit.
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