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Tinker bell and the lost treasure
by Melissa lagonegro

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Tinker bell has a great adventure and meets friends on her adventure. I would like to go on an adventure with tinker bell.

Pete The Cat Sir Pete The Brave
by James Dean

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Sir pete has to save the day and his good friend Callie! My sisters and I love pete the cat!

The Sticky Situation
by Geronimo Stilton

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On one calm peaceful day Geronimo Stilton was on his way to the Stilton farm but when he got there a bee stung him and suddenly Trap appears out of nowhere and he tells him about how he wants to make a honey farm. But when Geronimo was trying harvest the honey a swarm of bees started to chase him, and then he discovered a big black building that said bee mine. Will Geronimo and Trap find out what that building was for and sell their honey? Read the “Sticky Situation” to find out.

The Revenge Of Seven
by Pittacus Lore

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The series is still slow and it is getting boring.

Emil And Karl
by Yankev Glatshteyn

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It was a great book that explores history and differences in a great way.

Harry Potter Books
by Jk Rowling Books

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I love all the Harry Potter Books!

Anya's Ghost
by Vera Brosgol

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This book is great for people who like paranormal activity, like me! It's not scary, but pretty creepy and will definitely give readers a good spook! This book is about a girl named Anya who meets a ghost named Emily Reilly. Everything she thought she knew about her turns out to be far from the truth and she learns that she doesn't need a mini-helper to live their lives for them.

Owl Diaries
by Rebecca Elliot

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I love this book! This book is called A woodland wedding.

Owl diaries 7 wildwood bakery
by Rebecca Elliott

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My favorite part is during the bake off and they try to get wild carrots for their yummy snack - which I think sounds delicious !

The Darkest Minds
by Alexandra Bracken

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I was kind of sad at the end of the book. I felt like Ruby turned into a monster. She started to take advantage of her powers, and I don't like that.

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