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Book Reviews
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How Mirka Got Her Sword
by Barry Deutsch

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Really Great! It's amazing!

Ninth Ward
by Jewell Parker Rhodes

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So far, the people in the book are worried about hurricane Katrina.

Everything, Everything
by Nicola Yoon

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This is my overall review of Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. In this book there are some mature themes like explicit words, kissing, and alcohol so if you are sensitive towards those themes, I'd recommend another book. First I'll be comparing the book to the movie. The book is very similar to the movie which is nice to see because usually books and the movie aren't always alike. For instance, Wonder's book and movie weren't very alike for me and that was disappointing. On the other hand, this book was almost identical to the movie. This was written before the movie came out so there are obviously some differences like the character Zach who was Ollys friend, or having Madeline's mothers race be Asian. In the movie, there was no Zach and Madeline's mother was African American. Overall, on a scale of 1-10, I give the book and movie similarities an 8.5. Now I'll be talking about the book itself, not the movie and book. The book is SO SO AMAZING!! First of all,it is so beautifully written. I love the adjectives used, they were new words for me and I'll definetly be using them in some of my own writing. Secondly, the pictures and charts really give a great example of who Maddeline is and her personality. Lastly, I just cannot get over the relationships between all the characters. It's so beautifully described. Overall, I rate this book 5 stars for it's similarities from the movie and the well written language.

Sunny Side Up
by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm

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I really enjoyed this book. My favorite part of the story was when Sunny finally went to Disney World. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs something to read for fun. I wouldn't change anything about this book because it was very good just the way it is.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
by Roald Dahl

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This book was easy to read and lots of fun. I liked the songs that the oompa loomps sang.

Battle For The Nether
by Mark Cheverton

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I really like this book because Game Knight and his troop are trying to take over the Nether and it is a very interesting book.

Princess In Black
by Shannon Hale

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The book is very good.

Sea Monster Surprise
by Geronimo Stilton

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Bart Barnacle, a prehistoric pirate visiting the Cavemice in Old Mouse City, is returning back to his home in the land of the rising sun. But he is so sad that he is leaving the cavemice! So Geronimo, Trap, Benjamin and Thea tag along on the journey to the land of the rising sun. On their way, the mice encounter terrifying sea monsters! yikes! That's too much terror for a 'fraidy mouse like Geronmio! Gulp! When the reach Bart's home, they are welcomed by a huge feast! But Oh, No! someone's been stealing all the cheese and fruit from the pirates! And he was Trap? The pirates mistake Trap as the theif! Can Geronimo prove his cousin is innocent? To find out, read: Sea Monster Surprise

The Old Man And The Sea
by Ernest Hemingway

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The book was mostly about an old fisherman who was considered unlucky. He spent a couple of days at sea trying to catch a really big marlin.

Catching Fire
by Suzzane Collins

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This book is AMAZING!! I read the first book ( the Hunger Games) and it was such a page turner, I just had to read the second book. I did not think it could possibly be more exciting that the Hunger Games but each page was even more exciting!!

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