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Book Reviews
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The Left Handed Fate
by Kate Milford

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This is my new favorite book! There's a lot of action and some small jump scares. There's a mystery and puzzles to solve within the story. And I'd like the two main characters as close friends because they're smart, passionate, fun and loyal to each other.

Who Was Michelle Obama
by Megan Stine

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Michelle Obama is a very impressive lady. She is smart, likeable and friendly. She seems like an adult who is fun to be with and likes kid. And she has overcome many obstacles.

Big Foot And Little Foot
by Ellen Potter

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Hugo is a Bigfoot but they boy thinks he is talking with a human. Is it safe for Hugo to tell the human he is a Bigfoot?

The Giver
by Lois Lowry

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This book was about a boy and a very boring community. You are assigned your jobs, your husband/wife, and there can be only 2 children in each household, one boy and one girl. This particular boy, Jonas, is assigned Memory Receiver for a job.

The Last Train
by Rona Arato

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The last train was very good! I read this book for hours! I love scary and cool history, so this book was very good to me, but it was very sad, but. Caught my attention.

Miracles On Maple Hill
by Virginia Sorensen

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This book was not my favorite, but still good. I liked the story and felt it was interesting.

The Moon Within
by Aida Salazar

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The moon within is a very good book and is good to recommend. It’s about a girl who does fun things with her best friend and funny things that happens with her family. Throughout the book it explains her thoughts about her period. This is my reasoning for giving it 4/5 stars.

The Girl's Book: How To Be The Best At Everything
by Juliana Foster & Amanda Enright

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This is a really fun book because there's over 100 things that they tell you how to do. And some of them are jokes like "how to survive in a horror movie," "how to annoy people in an elevator" (really funny!) and I loved it!

Hello Universe
by Erin Entrada Kelly

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Hello Universe is about a shy boy coming out of his shell, a girl who is not limited by hearing, an amateur psychic and the neighborhood bully. Through unlikely circumstances and a business card, Virgil the shy gets stuck at the bottom of a well and begins conversing with a spirit, Valencia the hard of hearing makes a friend after flying solo, Kaori the psychic gets a business partner, and Chet the bully almost 'dies' from a 'venomous' snake bite. I would recommend this novel to anyone looking to lose hours in a book.

Georges Secret Key To The Universe
by Lucy And Stephen Hawking

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This is very exciting and adventurous page turner. It is about a boy who travels space because of a computer that can teleport hime ti any place in the universe. i would highly recommend this book to kids interested in space adventures and sci-fi.