What is READsquared?

The ReadSquared Enterprise Edition is comprehensive and highly-configurable software for developing, implementing, managing, and reporting on your Summer Reading Programs (or Fall, Winter and Spring too!). This feature rich solution was born from a Public Library Association (PLA) white paper involving more than 1,400 public library professionals. The white paper outlined high-level design recommendations for an online, collaborative Summer Learning Tool, which would enable more librarians to create and administer summer programs that incorporate both traditional reading and other learning activities.

The ReadSquared Enterprise Edition does just that and more. By developing the first Summer Reading Program solution incorporating the PLA white paper recommendations and after making significant investment based on feedback and design from our growing client base, the ReadSquared Enterprise Edition is the leader in the On-line Reading Program market.

Contact us today for a quote or an on-line demonstration. The ReadSquared Enterprise Edition supports State or County wide implementations with complete and independent customization for each Organization.